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Current project: Starbase Simulator

Youtube: Custom vehicle noise generator for Renault Zoe



Latest publication from my work as an electrical engineer / experimenter in a nuclear fusion research facility at KIT

Some Astronomy stuff I have done:

Rotation of Mars captured on 2020-10-24:

This video is composed of 16 photos taken in 20 minute intervalls over more than 5 hours from 19:00 to 00:20. For each photo 1000 frames have been aquired with a ZWO ASI290MC at 4 ms exposure, 200 gain, 140 fps and post processed with AutoStakkert and RegiStax. So everytime from 1000 frames one frame has been extracted for the final video by stacking and sharpening.
I also had to align the processed images as I used an atmospheric dispersion corrector, wich was kept fixed in position during the night.

Telescope: TS-Optics 6 f/12 Cassegrain Teleskop 154/1848 mm OTA

Mount: Skywatcher EQ3-2 with single axis tracking.

The following shows as an example one recording from 20:00 played back with 25 fps:

This is closer to what it looks like when viewing it directly through the eyepiece.

Random photo of ISS flying by captured with the ZWO on a 12" Dobson, manually tracked, 2021-07-22:

Some 3-D printing stuff I have done:

Printed on an Anycubic Mega-S, everything in 200:1. The church is from the local village, where I created the model in FreeCad.
The other are from right to left Starship on Super Heavy Booster, Saturn V, Falcon 9, Starship SN8, Starhopper.